Academy of Music (Montreal)

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The Academy of Music (fr: Académie de musique), sometimes referred to as the Montreal Academy of Music, was a theatre and concert hall in Montreal, Quebec, Canada that opened in 1875 and was demolished in 1910.[1]


The Academy of Music was built by a company owned by the 19th century shipping magnate Hugh Allan.[1] The theatre sat 2100 people,[2] and was situated on the east side of Victoria Street just north of Saint Catherine Street.[3] The theatre's inauguration occurred on November 15 , 1875 with a performance of Lester Wallack's drama Rosedale; or, the Rifle Ball with a cast led by actors E.A. McDowell and Fanny Reeves.[4]

The Academy of Music was the resident venue for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra from 1903-1910.[2] It was demolished by 1910 so that the Goodwin's store could be enlarged.[5]


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